Change, Surrounded by Grace

I know you feel awful; but your life’s changing. That’s not a bad thing. And you’re in the perfect place for it, surrounded by grace.

-Richard from Texas, Eat, Pray, Love


Rocky Days call for Grace

Those were a few rocky days I just had there. I didn’t know going back to my heart hometown of Sequim could be so tumultuous, dramatic, and confusing. But here are the good things that came out of it:

I realized once again how blessed I am with my brothers. They are the best in the world, and I know they would do anything for me. As my brother Leif’s facebook status shows: “Leif Hendricksen is about to go beat the crap out of my sisters d-bag ex unless he leaves her the hell alone.” Albeit a bit violent and fierce, but protective and loving, as brothers should be.

Also, my love of showers grows every time I have the chance to wash clean and just stand under the hot water and cry it out. Some of my most fervent prayers to God are in the shower.

I am finding myself praying more for my future husband. Knowing God has it all planned out is reassuring and encouraging me to press on, ask for forgiveness and strive to be better for that unknown, sweet man.

Now I am in Oregon visiting my roomie, relaxing, and giving my heart and thoughts time to heal. I can slow down, take care of life, and try to be a blessing to someone else for a change, rather than always thinking of my stupid, selfish wants.

Thank you God for forgiveness, family, rest, music with lyrics that pierce my heart with their poetic exactness, and most of all your Comfort and Grace. I am happy that Grace makes life unfair, cause it seems I always get the better deal.

Here is the song my heart is singing now: The Special Two by Missy Higgins. Not all of the lyrics are what I am feeling, but I think it has a good message of what I am going through. I won’t hold out for anything more, though.

Bad days can be put behind me, just like the rainy road I drove today. Newness comes pouring out of the clouds now. Amen!

Namaste– Kira