We all use words

I write about life and the things it is filled with, so I hope you will read along with me and use my words however you see fit– apply them to your life, see yourself in thoughts I form here. Share with me, and thanks for reading and journeying with me.

This blog is about a journey. My life, my ups and downs, the things that make me smile and the things that tug at my heart. It helps me list off my blessings and make me take a look at where my inspiration comes from. Records my adventures around the world and around my head.

I can get perspective, insight, release from opening up a bit and expressing what goes on with the link that runs from head to heart. This is a growing journey, and you are all invited to see a me in progress. Growth from old to new, growth that should happen, growth that springs forth abundant from someone’s dear words, and growth that takes a long and painful time to emerge.

Grow with me. And thank you for letting my words fill your head.



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