Returning for More – Guatemalan Adventure

It’s a rainy morning in Seattle – something so familiar and comfortable about that. But I’m preparing once again to ditch my comfort zone for adventure abroad, and head back to the country that stole my heart: Guatemala.

It seems this blog is beginning to have a solely Guatemalan influence, and I am o.k. with that. The most interesting and exciting times of my life seem to blossom there! This time, I am taking on the challenge and blessing of being the On-Site Program Coordinator for Seattle Pacific University’s study abroad fall quarter in Guatemala. I am beyond thrilled to have landed a dream job (when I went two years ago, I was already planning on how I could get this position!) and have two days before I start my duties of being guide, friend, mentor, translator, and fellow traveler to eleven SPU students.

Excited? Heck yes. Prepared…uh, give me a bit. There have been SO many changes in my life and they all have cascaded upon me as I’m preparing to move to Guatemala for three months. New apartment, sub-letter for said apartment, new job, packing up all my things for storage or baggage, and letting go of tings dear to me for a bit. Changes are good though, and challenges are what I have been asking for throughout a stagnant and frustrating year. So bring it on!!

From the rooftops of Antigua

From the rooftops of Antigua

Guatemala — I am excited to live there again, grow there more, show this beautiful land to even more people, and be shaped once again by the people, language, culture and adventure it offers. Here I come!!! Join me?


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