I love my fingers!

I needed to post this picture in order to remind myself of who I am, and how awesome my life at this moment in time really is.

I am pretty powerful, just as I am, I would say.

This Thank You note is just one of many awesome thanks given by Leah Dieterich on her amazing website http://thxthxthx.com/ which reminds me to be thankful to so many things…the unexpected, the seemingly mundane, and the ideas in our lives that make us who we are.

Yes, I am excited for that ring finger to be graced with a symbol of love I share with the right man. But you know what else I am excited for? MY LIFE! Going to Guatemala for an internship in development. Living life in Seattle with my friends. Loving and discovering myself just as I am: Powerful.

I am not lacking because my finger is naked. I am free to express me as exactly how I am. I am a forward looking person who relishes in the now. Thank you, Leah, for reminding me to give thanks. God has given me MUCH to be thankful for…and I have the strongest of hope in continuing to give thanks for all the blessings yet to come– jewelry or no!

And all you singles ladies (yes, sing it out if it’s now in your head…) I hope you are with me on this one. You are loved, powerful, and appreciated and NOT just in a state of waiting. You are fully you, now. Just as you are. Just as God made you. Thanks for reading,

Blessings and Peace be on you all, as you look at all things you can be thankful for. Even the not so obvious blessings in our lives.

Namaste– Kira


5 thoughts on “I love my fingers!

  1. You are 100%, completely, totally right. It’s not so much a matter of being “incomplete” without your soulmate, so much as it is that you will end up *complementing* each other — two amazing people being even more amazing together.

    And your LIFE! 😀 I’m excited for you, too! You’re going to do great things! 🙂

  2. The most awesome pleasure in life: watching your children grow and mature into the most amazing people. Thanks for the blessings.

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