Summer in This City, Means…

I’m sitting here in the rare, but ecstatically celebrated, Seattle sun– enjoying my summer and my freedom, and a few much needed days off work. This is my first summer here in Seattle, and I am at coffee shop number two for the day, soaking in all Seattle is best at: unique coffee shops, nature, and yoga. In my rejoicing in the sun, I am wearing a sun dress and watching the ships pass along the canal. Life is good.

It is always so important to remember that. Many of my friends tell me they like or are amazed at how optimistic I am. I try to be that way as much as I can, but of course I am not always in a chipper mood. And when I find myself down, I have to follow one of my own “Rules of Thumb” for my life: It’s ok to cry; it’s not ok to wallow in sadness. So I look at moments like this, where I am happy to be me, happy to have the life and opportunities and friends I have, and I make sure to count my blessings, tracking them in my mind to store at a later date, when I can pile them up and see that the heart of life is good and beautiful.

I am a relational person…very much so. We are made as relational beings, but I mean, I really love people. However, it follows that I really like being in a relationship. So I am learning that single is not just ok, it can be good. It can be great. Those times when I think its not fair that my exes are happily married and engaged and have someone, are the moments when I need to remember most that life is good. My life is good! God has great things in store for me, I know; He promised me so.

So, Optimism, here’s to you sticking with me. Here’s to Seattle being a great place to live. Here’s to the faith I have in God’s promises. Here’s to coffee, yoga, sunshine, dresses, and love. And to finally having the time to write new ukulele songs! Always hope. Always.




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