Things I am Digging…

I know I am not the most consistent blogger; in fact I make very rare appearances on wordpress, and I hope to work at that this year.

However, today I just wanted to make a list of things that I am really enjoying in my life right now. It is important to recognize, acknowledge, and give thanks for the beautiful things we have, that make us happy. So I guess you can call this a “stopping to smell the roses” post!

Things I like:

  1. -“Blood Bank” by Bon Iver
  2. -The Hype Machine (a site for music finding)
  3. -Feeling alive when I do Yoga
  4. -Walking downtown listening to my iPod
  5. -New classes filled with potential
  6. -My friends Maile and Lauren
  7. -My bed in the cold mornings with my new blanket
  8. -Playing ukulele with my friends who got ukuleles for Christmas
  9. -My “new” boots from Goodwill
  10. -How easily I make friends at a new school
  11. -The excitement of a new, blank day planner
  12. -Late night talks with my Role Model cousin Kyla
  13. -Recycled notebooks
  14. -Writing letters to sweet old ladies from my church
  15. -My roommate and her awesome attitude about life
  16. -The potential of going to Guatemala this year
  17. -The new Sara Bareilles album, “Kaleidoscope Heart”
  18. -Letting go of old mindsets about myself, and being content with who I am
  19. -I have a God of Peace and Strength, which, it just so happens, I need right now

Thanks for looking at the things I am currently digging in my life! It makes me happy to read over this list and know I will be ok, and even happy with what I have, who I am, and where I am at right now.

Namaste, and blessings to you all for the Newness of 2011,



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