Pumpkin Love

I really really really adore all things pumpkin, and it is a huge contributing factor to the fact that fall is my absolute favorite season.

I love pumpkin colored things, like scarves, hats and hand warmers (even that color of orange Vespa).

I love Pumpkin spice lattes with whip cream, despite their unnatural and probably cancer-causing bright orange color. I love it more when I am eating cream cheese topped pumpkin muffins in conjunction with my pumpkin flavored coffee. Or any baked or cooked pumpkin good for that matter…bread, soup, cake…and PANCAKES!


I love the Thanksgiving joy of having pumpkin pie at the end of a big feast with loved ones around you, and I especially loved the time when I lived in Italy and had to make a pumpkin pie from scratch (and we are talking SCRATCH here) for my thanksgiving dinner I threw from my host family. I even wore a pumpkin-orange turtle neck that day. I wish I could find that picture of me proudly holding my creation, but I do have a snapshot of my huge extended family in Sardinia gathered around the table. I don’t think pie has ever tasted as good as it did at my Italian Thanksgiving just because of how I slaved over it’s creation and how it tasted like home.

I love carving pumpkins for Halloween and laughing at the creations that are made by friends and neighbors. I relish the feel of pumpkin guts between my fingers and the smell of freshly cut squash. The crunchiness of the baked seeds while we light the tea candles that illuminate our vegetable canvases.

I always feel cozier in a home if there are candles lit, and my favorite of all is, you guessed it, pumpkin candles. The spicy, warm orange glow that illuminates, warms, and graces the space with aromatic perfumes. Even the light has that tinge of orange pumpkin glow, that means so much to me.

So I just want to take this time and space to thank this beautiful, tasty, aesthetically pleasing, comforting squash. My hat is off to you, your color, and your taste!




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