Musical Outlets

I love music, and it really can set a mood for a day, release a feeling you have trapped inside, or give you answers you have been trying to find. I love to participate in the art I see around me, even if I know that I myself can never be a fully self proclaimed artist. But the best kind of art comes when multiple mediums are used: like visual arts and music. This creates a whole new set of feelings and it is able to transport me to a different type of world, where I can explore and maybe find the answers I have been looking for.

Here is a video by the Guggenheim Grotto (a band I saw live opening for Ingrid Michaleson) that brings the fun of creative explosion and the emotions of flowing melodies together:

Today is an interesting day, which I think is trying to be a crossroads of some sort, a breathing place, a certain emotion, and a decision all at once. Which is too much, so it just ends up being a Saturday with underlying feelings instead. Here is to cloudy days spent on the computer, thinking far away thoughts, and reveling in all that music is and does.

I leave you with one more video of the band Ok Go, at a performance recognizing their creativity on YouTube videos. It is done at a museum in a toned down way that really lets me linger on the sounds of the song and melded voices instead. They are performing “White Knuckles” and “This Too Shall Pass”

–Namaste, Kira


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