Sometimes I just have the lovely surprise of being truly amazed at my life.

Yesterday morning, in the bright, crisp Fall sunlight, I was walking to chapel to worship with my SPU community, and boarded a wonderful train of thought: I am blessed to have the life I do. In particular I was able to focus on the places I have been and will go. I am only 21, and I have lived a year on an Italian island, worked with a church and education ministry in Rosarito, Mexico, and taught Dalit children in rural India. And this time next year I will be finishing my degree in Global Development with an internship in Guatemala. By the time I am 22 years old, I will have gone to more places than most people go in their lives, and been to four continents.

The great thing about all of this is that by little power of my own has this happened to me. I have been given amazing opportunities, filled with passions God has placed in my heart, and encouraged all the way by my loving parents and family. Even when I am here living a “normal” life, I can see how fortunate I really am. I have a house to call home with three awesome women, learning so much at my dream university, and I have friends who love me.

So I guess my conclusion is: God has given me so much, I want to sit back and be amazed more often. But that doesn’t mean I will sit still…


5 thoughts on “Amazed

      • No, I am incorrect. As a geography major, I am disappointed in myself!! Guatemala is still in Central America, just below Mexico, thus not constitution as part of the South American continent. I stand correct, mom!

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