The Hope Friendship Instills

Friends–I need them.

I realize that more and more out here in the middle of nowhere. I have my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and that is about it for any and all human contact. I desire going out to meet up with people I really enjoy spending time with, I yearn for the kind of relationship building conversation, I want to hang out with friends I know want to hang out with me too.

Now, it’s not like I don’t have that–It’s just, I don’t have that here. And after over a month of this lacking, I am really feeling its loss. I have enjoyed the days of quiet, the mornings of sleeping in cause I have no pressing things to wake up for, the tea and book reading time…but those are the nicest when they are interspersed with socializing, days of productivity, waking up with a sense of purpose.

So this is a post to the hope that friendship brings. The kind of hope that has me counting down the days until reunion is possible, that has me filling my head with the possibilities of the adventures to be had with my loved ones. You aren’t lost if there is hope, and I am one who says Hope springs eternal. So I drink my chai, sing my songs, read my book, and grasp that ever present hope as it grows. I am becoming more and more appreciative of what friendship means, and I march on towards a future where I hope to be a better friend to all those who call me theirs.

Here is to relishing the feeling of belonging. Because as it stands now, I am longing to belong…to be where I know I fit in.


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