A good choice

This weekend was a fork in the road earlier this week. I had to choose a direction: San Fransisco or Seattle.

I made a good choice. Seattle rain falls on my window as I sit getting things done, melting away my stress and tiredness with every morning sip of french press coffee. I have the gift of slow mornings growing into full days of restorative love and life at home. Am I sad I had to make a choice? Of course. I miss going on Quest and serving in San Fransisco. But a lesson I have learned this year is that I am of no use serving if I am a burnt out shell of myself.

So here I am starting the great push of productivity and being grateful to the people who listened to me worry over my dilemma. I am thankful for the outcome, and a much happier person because of it. I have had a weekend filled with my family (both blood and heart) relaxing at places that feel like a familiar home, having sleepovers with one of my favorite people in the world, sleeping in late in preparation for the lack of sleep to come next week, joking with my brothers and friends, being creative on projects, and having time to learn new songs on my ukulele. This is what weekends need to be about!

But alas, as it is Monday, my focus has to be turned in a new direction and I will start chipping away at the to do list that will only get smaller from here on out as I close my year at my home in Seattle. Overall, God has lead me to some good choices in my life, if only for the people who support me in all of them.

God bless and Namaste–



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