I sit on the edge of falling in too deep… I need to be focusing, getting things done, having a clear brain with which to hold up my end of the studying, researching, planning, helping out, and filling in the roles of all the things I am involved in.

I feel panicky. I have felt this before…and have come through it ok. I must trust, breath, seek peace, and most of all focus. Focus is what is needed when I am too afraid of all the things that are overwhelming my shoulders and my mind that I can’t even get started at where I am, because I label it as too far behind. Focus is what makes me take those baby steps forward, looking at what is needed to be done first and then moving to the next thing after that as best as I can.

Remember not to get too caught up in how it should have gone, or how big the mountain of tasks is now. Listen to your mother’s voice as she says to just do the best you can, and work from there. Reach inside of a bit of motivation and peace from a God who will never leave you to do any of this on your own.

I pray for strength, peace, and most of all focus for the next steps I know I must make. One at a time, the best that I can.



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