Today was a day of joyous moments!

Great chats with my best friend (my Mom) about how passionate I am getting about the things I am learning in my Global Development classes;

Sipping Mexican Mochas with my small group and sharing fears and loves and open hearts surrounded by colors, worship, and God;

Seeing my SMC family and having life-filled words with my loved ones in the sun of early spring;

Worshiping and thanking my God through my Yoga practice today, while exploring the freedom of my body, but most of all the freedom of my heart;

Getting together with my future housemates to see what next year will tangibly look like, planning rooms and decorations and fun times of intentional community and support;

And all of it is tied up in a freedom my heart has been longing for for a long while–a freedom of giving up to God something He should have had control of all my life: broken relationships. I have had to trust God to take care of people that I can’t, while still healing my heart, and calling me to be the woman He plans for me to be, for the man He plans for me to have. Last night at worship, I was lost in the waves of Love God was pouring over me, despite my assurance that I suck because it took me so long to obey and listen to the wisdom of a God bigger than hurt. Oh, how He loves us…and it is SO true when we just bathe in that love and can feel Him being more important that what we, or others, think of ourselves. Bottom line: I am loved by my Father, and it sets me FREE.

And that is what I like to call a Joyous moment.




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