This is what it looks like…

Springtime at SPU, looks like this through my window–

Being an SMC has many different forms this spring. Whether that means being a small group leader to my four lovely freshman girls, helping people connect with churches, encouraging girls in what their futures will be next year, or being a part of my Staff family, I love it all. This is what being a friend to my RHMC looks like– (stringing up crafty notes for her to see upon her return home)

Being a student is proving harder than expected this quarter, what with juggling all of my other responsibilities, and trying to stay afloat in some tough classes. My life seems crazy and there are days when I am only home for a few min. at a time all day….running running and going. So I made a peaceful and fun schedule to make it seem not so scary–

If I had a picture of what healing freedom looks like, I’d post that here too. But all I can do instead is say that God is doing good things in my heart, through all this messy chaos and soft smiles with friends. So I’ll leave you with a bit of something my soul loves to be: a tree dancer–




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