There is something so mesmerizing to me about a new journal…I love the blank, clean pages. I love the potential. I love the feel and smell and idea of it all. I love holding one in my hand and flipping through the pages imagining what it will  be filled with weeks, months and years from now.

I guess one reason why I don’t blog as much on a computer, is my addiction to journals. I currently have three different ones for only slightly different reasons.

One I have kept since October of 2002. Yes that’s right folks, since I was 13 years old. I wrote about boys, my hopes of going to a public high school, and what I did with my Saturdays. I believe my first volume was blue and had shimmery dolphins. yup. But I have been writing about my life and dreams and goings on since then. I must have 12 books full with MY journal. I can not write for a month, but it will still be there to soak up the ink from my pen and the thoughts on my life: where it’s been, where it’s going.

Here is my trusty journal that I am keeping now:

The other one is a small moleskin, hand painted by people that I know care so deeply for me. It is the SMC journal given to me at the start of training when I first came to SPU for my second year. It has held my thoughts on being an SMC for my floor, my prayers of Joy at the blessings I see from God, and my desperate pleas for comfort through rough times. I guess I view this one more from my spiritual journey through my year as serving through a ministry to my floor. I can just try and imagine what the RHMC’s and CSMC’s were thinking and hoping for when making these journals special for us.

And just today I have added to my collection and am feeding my addiction by starting a “Worship Journal”. I am taking a spiritual disciplines class about worship and one of the forms of worship we are exploring is through journaling and reflecting on how God speaks to us, where He has been faithful to us, and how many blessings we see in our lives. As a class we are going to be keeping a journal and making entries in it for 40 days straight. Every day reflecting on the goodness of God, our doubts, our prayers, and meditations on what God is showing us and leading us through. I adore the look and feel of this journal, along with its purpose. I had to buy it as soon as it caught my eye, and I feel it mirrors the growth I desire to record in it. Plus it was hand made and bound in one of my fave towns close to home: Port Townsend.

These little books have gotten me through hard times, and listened to my delight about the good times, but most of all they have been a reflection of who I am. Its that reflection that I can learn from, love, and always remember where and who I have been. Thank you Lord for my love of journaling!




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