Away We Go

I don’t think any movie has made me cry like this ever…

Away We Go is SO GOOD! I know, that is bad review language…But I don’t feel like this is a review so much as it is my soul responding to seeing such beauty and longing.

I have always had such an admiration for pregnancy. I think pregnant ladies are the most beautiful people on earth, and the miracle of birth brings me to tears and fills me with such hope. I long to be pregnant and cannot wait to be a mother and bring a new life into this world. Because of these deep set hopes and longings in me, watching a movie about a pregnant woman and her man who loves her so well, stirs a deep well in me. Yes, at parts it is a sad movie, but mostly it is funny and searching. It asks big questions of how to love someone selflessly, what raising a child looks like, and where home is truly is. All of this has been weighing on my recently and it broke over me in waves when I watched this movie.

As I type, I am also buying the soundtrack for Away We Go, cause the music is fantastic. It is soothing and acoustic and touches the places in your heart you reserve for the type of love that will last through all of life’s journeys.

Here is one of the hopeful songs that paints the movie: All of my days by Alexi Murdoch

I can just pray that God will bring a love into my life that will take care of me through all of our decisions, that will want to be a father as much as I want to be a mother, who will adore every quirk about me, and maybe will cry at beautiful movies with me…

Here is to trusting the most trustworthy being. I will wait upon the Lord my God.


One thought on “Away We Go

  1. kira
    ive read everyone of your blogs and think your a fantasic person. you have so many good things to say about this world that we live in. i find myself wanting to be more like you and view things as you do. you find so much pleasure and joy in this world and want to make it a better place and i believe that some day you will. recently ive had some bumps in my road and holes in my story and your blogs have been here to help me thru these times and i thank you for that. i hope you continue to post these blogs whether im the only reader or not.

    your friend, Andrew earl

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