Home Again…

I am really excited.

This quarter will be packed full of learning, of more growth on my part, of acceptance of Grace, and of the freinds that are becoming more and more dear and inspiring to me. I love my classes, and I am so happy that I am getting to the core of my Major and get to explore Global Development and have thoughts about where God is leading me to my career.

Winter break was nomadic, chaotic, confusing, untrue to myself, and rushed. So you can imagine my excitement at coming home to Moyer, being able to put my belongings in their place, to unpack and revamp. i have been so happy to just immerse myself in all that SPU offers: Chapel, Group, amazing professors who pray with their classes, worship and the blessed community where I know I belong. I have purpose here. I have a calling here. God works in and through me here. I did get chances to share my faith and thoughts with those I hold dear back in my old hometown; and don’t get me wrong: I have wonderful moments that made beautiful scenes and memories with my good friends (all night moon hikes at lake crescent, long drives drinking in the open and beautiful skies God paints for me, playing N64 with my brother, honest and clarifying chats with my mother over coffee).

But I am rejoicing now that I can feel so at home here in this place of learning. I feel like I can see clearer into the future, that I can draw closer to the expanse of Holy that God reveals to us, and see how blessed I am for the beautiful people God has placed in my life.

I am stretching the skin of the Kira I know and hope to be.

Here is to a new quarter of growth, of learning and DOING. I am determined to live out my story, to listen for God’s direction, and to be thankful for the scenes and moments I am blessed with.




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