Some Morning Inspiration

“I long for, something more…” –Ingrid Michaelson

I love the things that inspire and soothe me at the same time. That give me that restless desire to do, create, be, but also help me be peaceful and at home with where I am in the moments that surround me. Ingrid Michaelson’s music does that for me. I love playing her music on my tenor ukulele, “Makala”,

and also just listening to the sweet tunes and perfectly crafted lyrics as I sit with some yummy coffee at my desk on a sunday morning. This kind of inspiring music helps me get through tough research papers, while at the same time calling me to make my own music and to practice the art of play.

Here is to all that inspires you: whether it be art, music, people, nature, and most definitely God. Be inspired, be breathed upon by the Holy Spirit, and be made new.




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