Note of Encouragement to Myself

A friend told me today to make sure that I write a note of encouragement to myself. I had been writing an entire stack of them to the wonderful girls of my floor to help them get through this too tough week. I have had a few people in my life point out to me that I am too hard on myself…and I think it is taking its toll this quarter. So here are a few words of lovin’ to that curly haired, hot-mess of a girl Kira:

Dear beloved one,

You are blessed! Here it is, one of your favorite seasons of the year: Fall and Advent, and you are beating yourself up because you have too much to do, you don’t know how to go about finishing your overwhelming group project to present on friday, you think you don’t have any close friends, and you worry over crying too much and not being a good SMC. One word: Stop it.

Enjoy the beautiful blessings God has given you: the smell of crisp air, the pale winter sunlight, the beautiful Christmas music playing in the bathroom, the soft bed you get to sleep in each night, the hugs you get from the many girls who care for you, and the listening ear of your mother on the other end of the phone.

Savor the good times of feeling at home in Moyer. God has placed you here for a reason, and is doing great work through you; not matter what view you have of yourself or where you think you are in your spiritual walk. Trust, Kira. Trust the One who knows you better than me. He will lead you through all things, and give you comfort through these hard times.

I pray peace upon you–in every aspect of your life. Over this week of school, over your restlessness for the future, and for your heart to be deeprooted in Christ’s ever-flowing peace. All you have to do is take on this time day by day, through God’s strength.

I know your heart is good, and you desire so much greatness, always striving to be better. But know that you are growing even now, and that this part of your life is so important. It is not just a time spent waiting to get to a better, more perfect Kira. Life would never be lived then. Accept yourself, let God lead you to change and growth, and relish the beautiful time and life you have been blessed with now. You are truly beautiful, in so many senses of that word. Embrace it. Radiate it. Be the radiant, encouraging, light-filled girl I know you to be. Breathe past the hard moments, cry through the overwhelming times, and push on as your wonderful self. Drink in this life, this time, like you drink in the full moon rising in the crisp, clear sky above Tiffany Loop.

Be at home with yourself. I love you.

yours forever– Namaste,



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