The girl in me

Last night was some needed firend time…I had a wonderful “slumber party” with the girls from my floor, thrid Moyer, and our sister floor of first Moyer. We did all manner of girly things, bringing our pillows, nail polish and games. I joked, played, painted, gave massages, and unwond from a particularly difficult friday. All very healing! (although I haven’t had nailpolish on for many a year…it’s a bit startling at times).

After a glorious morning of sleeping in ’till 11 am, I had tea, brunch with some of my girls, and here I am at work trying to get some of my mountain of homework done. This time of “work” is good becuase it sets aside three hours where I can just sit and focus (or not focus, thanks to facebook and wordpress…). I am thankful for the easy pace today and I pray for rejuvination to take on the next week ahead of me!

Here’s to being girly, sleepy saturday mornings, and motivation!

namaste –Kira


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