And so it begins with rain…

“Every time it rains, I listen to the sky, I wonder what’s so great about sunshine; Everybody lives, and everybody dies, and no one’s gonna love you like I do.” –Charlotte Martin

Here I sit, looking out the window at the soft rain pattering against my window, listening to good music, drinking Chai tea, and starting a blog of growth and newness. How appropriate then, that the rain is falling as I write, feeding the earth, flowing to things growing in the ground. It starts with water falling from the sky, just as I cannot grow or live without God’s mercy falling from above. I need this growth, this change, this newness not of my own strength.

I am happy when it rains, if only because it reminds me that I am living in the wonderful, quirky city of Seattle. There is a peace about rain, and the smell of freshness is one of the most precious to my olfactory senses. So here is to a new adventure, to hope in growth, and to the expressiveness of the written word.



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